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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Transformative Purpose

To establish a responsible business model in terms of environmental, social, corporate and legal compliance leveraging profitability, interest of the people and the planet through knowledge management and innovation "ensuring house for everyone" and improve quality of life.

Our Story

Unimark Holdings Limited (UHL) is a global standard real estate company, developing a scalable model of sustainable, resilient, inclusive and Blue Green Smart Housing for a paradigm shift in urban development with a hazard to health dictum. UHL is striving to become a leading brand and exponential corporate entity through innovative approaches, high end service delivery, compliance, behavioral insights, business intelligence and excellence. UHL is led by Mr. Hamidul H Khan and Mr. Shamim Azad, Chairman and Managing Director respectively. They have been relentlessly working to innovate superior products and ensure high end service delivery making everyday life better for the clients leading to instituting a developed society. Together they accumulate years of hands on experience in the fields of corporate transformation, administration, education, project management, sales-marketing, brand management, HCD, R&D, collaboration, finance, public relations etc.

Our Core Values

* Responsible Business Model

* Green and Sustainable Living

* Housing for All

* Compliance and High End Service Delivery

* Use of Technology

* Innovation

“Business leaders must recognize that in global value chains, there is no way to outsource environmental or social responsibility. On the contrary, multinational companies can and must use their extended supply chains to drive change and improve the quality of life in the markets where they operate.

- World Economic Forum
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Recent Projects


A environmentally sustainable green premium gated community by Unimark Holdings Ltd (UHL) Adjacent to Rajuk Purbachal New Town, Sector- 4 & 21

A environmentally sustainable green premium gated community by Unimark Holdings Ltd (UHL) for only 350(plots) clients. It is not a luxury to keep about 50% open area in the project with lush greenery ensuring bio-diversity and balanced ecosystem for a healthy living. Although the challenge of establishing a green sustainable housing in Bangladesh is paramount UHL is committed to develop a scalable model of green and sustainable housing.

The project will incorporate all the components of sustainable living including ensuring improved air quality, pollution free environment, large natural open space and playground for the kids to connect their childhood with the planet, a lake and water area and diverse plantation balancing the ecology, biodiversity and sanctuary for birds and animals to create a sustainable, resilient, healthy and happy community.

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Recent News & Events

Views on some of our recent company activies.

স্বপ্ননীড়ে চলছে শরৎকালীন অফার

স্বপ্ননীড়ে চলছে শরৎকালীন অফার...সর্বোচ্চ ৩৫% পর্যন্ত ছাড়।

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'স্বপ্নটা হতে হবে আকাশের সমান'

সফল হতে সবাই চায় কিন্তু কয়জন জীবনে সফলতা অর্জন করতে পারে? জীবনে সফল হতে হলে কঠোর পরিশ্রমের কোনো বিকল্প নেই। সফলতার জন্য প্রতিভার পাশাপাশি প্রয়োজন ধৈর্য, প্রচণ্ড ইচ্ছা ...

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some of our valuable clients.

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