Board of Directors

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu


Hamidul H Khan


Mr. Hamidul H Khan is the Chairman of UNIMARK Group and UNIMARK Holdings Pvt. Ltd. He has been working passionately to develop a sustainable, resilient, inclusive and green housing model in Bangladesh since 2017. He is the CEO of HK Consulting transforming businesses into exponential organizations. He is an Adviser of AR Malik Seeds Ltd. and providing strategic management consultancy services to ASSURE Group.

He is also Director of a Sydney based Professional Development Institute of Australasia and Resident Director for Bangladesh and South Asia.

Mr. Khan was a former BCS cadre and served as Magistrate and UNO and Deputy Director and Director of Research at the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh. He served at UNDP Bangladesh as a Team leader and Programme Development Adviser.

He supports private sector champions' initiative to establish "South Asian Institute of Management" an international regional hub for management education and innovation in Chittagong and works closely with leading private sector actors and development partners in Bangladesh. He mentors and coaches Managing Directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. He takes keen interest in health and well-being and conducts sessions on meditation, yoga and bio hacking. He kept his footprint as a writer, publisher and film maker.


Shamim Azad

Managing Director

A visionary real estate leader having 15 years’ of experience serving big corporations at different level in business administration, project management,sales-marketing-brand management, HRM, R&D, finance management, public relations. Mr. Azad is a highly skilled operation manager with solid expertise in managing multiple and diverse projects including finance , budgeting and administration. Mr. Azad has served in the real estate for more than a decade and successfully delivered large number of projects. He has successfully built a good rapport in overseas markets(USA, Canada, UK, Asia Pacific, Gulf). Mr. Azad coaches and mentors youths on career and entrepreneurship development. He has earned reputation as a thought leader and motivational speaker.


Afrin Azad


Ms. Afrin Azad graduated in Marketing from a leading private university. She possesses versatile skill sets in marketing, finance and management. She plays a strategic role for Unimark Holdings. Ms. Afrin overseas day to day operations, looks after accounts and finance department, makes strategic plans to ensure sustainable cash-flow and smooth operation of the company.