Board of Directors

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu


Shamim Azad

Managing Director

A visionary real estate leader having 15 years’ of experience serving big corporations at different level in business administration, project management,sales-marketing-brand management, HRM, R&D, finance management, public relations. Mr. Azad is a highly skilled operation manager with solid expertise in managing multiple and diverse projects including finance , budgeting and administration. Mr. Azad has served in the real estate for more than a decade and successfully delivered large number of projects. He has successfully built a good rapport in overseas markets(USA, Canada, UK, Asia Pacific, Gulf). Mr. Azad coaches and mentors youths on career and entrepreneurship development. He has earned reputation as a thought leader and motivational speaker.


Afrin Azad


Ms. Afrin Azad graduated in Marketing from a leading private university. She possesses versatile skill sets in marketing, finance and management. She plays a strategic role for Unimark Holdings. Ms. Afrin overseas day to day operations, looks after accounts and finance department, makes strategic plans to ensure sustainable cash-flow and smooth operation of the company.